Unable to Verify Cloudflare Workers Domain to Creators

This is a simple problem, required to be solved by the technical team of Uphold.

  • Cloudflare provides Workers domain xxxxxxxx.workers.dev to each user where user selects the prefix, but cloudflare doesn’t allow modifications in its DNS. also xxxxxxxx.workers.dev is not available to the users, while all of its sub-domains are available.

  • Uphold detects xxxxxxxx.workers.dev as a base domain for all sub-domains and wants to verify this but cloudflare doesn’t allow that So if I want to verify mywebsite.xxxxxxxx.workers.dev I am unable to verify it. Please make necessary changes to support individual sub-domains of xxxxx.workers.dev where xxxxx can be anything.

Eg. URLs

  • xxxxxxxx.workers.dev - NO DNS CONTROL, NO WEBSITE HERE - cannot verify anyway.
  • www.xxxxxxxx.workers.dev - WEBSITE HERE - can verify using file
  • mysubdomain.xxxxxxxx.workers.dev - WEBSITE HERE - can verify using file

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