Unable to use UpHold

Unable to connect, no one answers, non-existent recovery email

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Could you give more details about your issue?
What are you trying to do? Connecting Brave to Uphold or accessing your Uphold account?
Who does not answer? Uphold support or Brave support?
What do you mean with recovery email? What are you trying to do?

Hello Roddrige,

Sorry for my bad englisch i speak french

What are you trying to do? Connect Brave to Uphold >>> yes
or access your Uphold account? >>> also
Who does not answer? >>> UpHold
What do you mean by recovery email? >>> when I try to connect to UpHold it tells me that the name and password do not match
What are you trying to do? >>> I want to be able to transfer my proofs

While doing research I saw that the problem is recurring with UpHold. But I couldn’t find a good answer

The name is your email address. If you do not get a recovery email, it may be possible that you are trying to log in with a different email address.

Anyway, your best chance is to keep trying getting support from Uphold.
Did you try opening a ticket using this link?

I opened a ticket and received an email to access support but I have to login and it doesn’t work

@RiddickTheFurian If it’s making you log in, you can also just straight up email them at support@uphold.com where they’ll be able to respond. If email has a ticket/case number, be sure to provide that.

Just keep in mind, there’s nothing that can be done here. So posting on Brave Support forum is kind of pointless. All this can serve as is just feedback that you don’t like Uphold and/or are having issues. But as it’s a different company, not much can be done outside of you speaking with people from Uphold.

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Hello, thank you for your answer. I tried everything that was offered to me and nothing worked. I just received an automated email from UpHold with a ticket number. Then nothing. If I post in the Brave forum it’s because I think Brave should offer another solution than UpHold because according to my research a lot of people are having problems with Uphold.


We are all waiting for that moment.
But you may understand that making a partnership with an exchange that accepts the limitations of Brave is not easy.
Most exchanges only make partnerships if they get a relevant benefit.
Brave is a small company. It is also an American company bound to US law. Most crypto exchanges are not so much interested in enrolling in this kind of relationship.

There are rumours that things may change in the near future. Let’s hope that rumours become true.

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