Unable to use search engine on Mac OS on desktop

As of today I am unable to use search function. when I enter the web site address, everything seems ok, but when I click to open the web page, the lock symbol changes to 2 symbols that resemble the numbers 6 & 9 horizontally. Then I get a message “unexpected app error can’t handle item/url_search type message”. It also stated something about chrome but could not read any further due to size of message. First time this has happened. No problems with my Mac laptop or IPhone.

@mandj are you able to share a screenshot or video of this happening?

Also important is that you provide some of the mandatory basic info that is helpful on trying to replicate issues and test:

  • Which OS is this happening on? (I know you said Mac, but which version of Mac?)

  • Which version of Brave are you using? (specific number, don’t just say latest, thanks)

  • Is this happening regardless of what you’re searching or only on particular link(s) or phrases?

  • Can you try in a private window and/or new profile and see if this issue persists?

S, I got a notice to update from apple today which I did.

It got me back to working properly, except there still is no lock present and the horizontal 6&9 lines are taking the lock’s place. Security issue??

processor: 3 ghc quad core intel core 5

memory: 16 gb 2400 mhz ddr4

mac os: ventura 13.6.1

storage: mac 965.88 gb of 1tb

Brave up to date: version 1.60.114 chromium 119.0.6045.124 (official build) (x86_64}

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