Unable to use "Scroll" on "Brave" (CLOSE/IGNORE THIS)

Scroll (at scroll DOT com) is a new information platform that aggregates multiple sources in an ad-free manner for subscribers. I use “Brave” primarily, but Scroll is currently incompatible with Brave (see https://scroll.help/en/articles/3344870-what-browsers-are-supported-by-scroll), due to “the privacy settings it currently offers”.

I like both ad models, so I don’t want to have to give up either. Maybe you could work together to get a working model which supports both…

Thanks for the attention.

BTW, you’re posting software won’t let me type in ‘scroll’ dot ‘com’. It’s annoying.

And… nevermind.
Scroll is a useless service (they had me bamboozled with their pitch, but the usefulness is about zero).

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