Unable to use google Log in for dimo

Hello so many user using Dimo app are unable to log in with there google log in. They found out the issue is only with Brave browser and works with other browser. We believe it may have been an update for this wasn’t always the case. The site is Dimo.zone and the Dimo app is used for IOS and Android users.

@Monkaydude Not sure what you’re saying. I know I went to test the website on Chrome, Brave, and Edge. It loaded the same on all browsers. The web design is horrible, where the default text in the login field is white, meaning you can’t see anything. There also is not any button for Google login or anything.

Where are you saying they are experiencing issue with Google login? Is it just on your app and not the website?

Here’s your website on Chrome:

And Login field, like I said, you see default is:


What you don’t see is the below:


So only by highlighting does it show Email address and Password. And if I type anything there, it’s the same way. It’s white on white and only visible if I select it.

Anyway, I don’t see any option on the site that would allow users to login using Google or anything.

So the issue more with the app when you log in it opens as a browser which give you the option to log in with your Google account then resumes back to the app. The App also uses Web 3 Authentication to proccess these log ins

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