Unable to upload file

I’m using google classroom as a student and yet I can’t upload my homework file whether it is in pdf, word, mp4 nor webm.

Everytime I need to submit my homework I need to change to other browser as in Brave I can’t upload any file.

I’am expecting brave able it’s user to upload materials in any website

Brave Version : V1.36.112

Please make this possible

I don’t have an account with classroom, I create a basic room. I was able to add/upload a pic to change the theme of the room I created without issue. We’re not stopping people uploading pics.

Uploading the picture, looks like a similar gmail file upload, which also works in Brave. Would test in private window mode with no extensions.

Thanks for sharing your experience but for me its only happening when uploading file in google classroom so far. Its quite annoying that I need to change web browser and take a lot of time.

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