Unable to Update Browser

I am using version 0.64.77
I am unable to update at all either by using help, about Brave or downloading the installer.
I am using Windows 10 Pro 64 version 1809

@roybjr Thanks for reaching out!. Brave version which you are currently using is the latest released version 0.64.77. It is up to date, that’s why you are not seeing any update.

Brave has different channels like Release/Beta/Dev/Nightly. Can you please try other channels and see whether you are able to update to latest version or not? or else you can download older release version 0.64.75 and try updating it to 0.64.77.


What @gsarvadnya said.: you’re using the latest version as of the time of this post.

If brave://help doesn’t connect when it checks for updates, but can use Brave to browse the web, I’m guessing it’s an issue created by antivirus program, like Kaspersky, which was flagging every Brave update until users complained about the false positive at which point Kaspersky would update the whitelist only to have the next update be flagged. If you’re running K or another similar application, I’d try updating that.


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