Unable to Un-install Brave

I’d like to know why I can’t un-install Brave. nearly all the Credit Card sites and my Banking site does not recognize Brave, no matter how many time I click “Remember this device.” Every time I go to log in, I have to spend 10x as long because I am being forced to quad-athenticate my identity. The reasons? Ad-Block, Tracking-block, and VPN. More and more sites are taking measures to block these secure measures. I try to uninstall, and it says, “Please close all Brave windows then try again.” NOTHING was open. It seems Brave is CONSTANTLY running in the background, making it IMPOSSIBLE to Un-Install.

Open your Task Manager and kill all Brave processes. Or restart your PC. :man_shrugging:t2:

Maybe there’s an auto-update process running in background.

Tried that. Task Manager shows nothing running. Restarted 3 times…still can not un-install. I went and started to delete the files…and half say “This file is open in Brave Browser.” I don’t have Brave Browser open. This is preventing me from un-installing…and re-installing Brave.

OK. Got it “Forced Crashed” EVERY Brave processes.

You can turn off Shields, and Brave doesn’t use a VPN by default.
By the way, if your bank forces you to get ads and trackers before logging in, I would change bank.