Unable to turn on browser notifications Twitter


Hi there,

I am unable to get browser notifications from Twitter. Clicking turn on browser notifications in Twitter settings doesn’t seem to get a response at all from the Twitter website.

I use a couple of other web notifications with no problem at all it is only Twitter that doesn’t work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @TFS,

On which platform? Desktop or mobile (Android, iOS)?



Sorry I should have made that clear, on desktop (Windows)


The issue is caused by the way electron handles permissions. Everything is initially granted and the actual allow/deny decision is made in the cancel callback. This causes problems for setting detection both in twitter and in
As mentioned above, I think the best solution is to move away from the default electron handling and use HostContentSettingsMap and implement GetPushMessagingService in BraveBrowserContext so we can still return permissions synchronously and only trigger the permission callback when CheckPermissionOnIOThread returns ASK

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