Unable to transfer Brave Rewards from iOS

I’ve tried several times to transfer my BAT rewards from iOS with the QR Code procedure but everytime I get prompted this:
“connection error: the brave rewards server did not respond. please try again in a moment. (1)”

How do I fix this? Could you help me? Thanks.

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Hey @ThePeacemaker82 ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

Unfortunately, IOS does not support Brave Rewards as of now and this is why you are experiencing this issue.

This is due to the December 10th update and our changes to the system to comply with Apple iOS guidelines. Please see the official announcement here for more information:

Hope this helped clarify!


Hi @GreenBananaPorridge, I know that now the browser does not support rewards on iOS but I’m referring to the function that allows to transfer old rewards to a new brave wallet on desktop.
When I scan the qr code I get the server error that I quoted on my original post.

Sorry @ThePeacemaker82 , please look at the post I linked and it will explain the situation!

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Hi @GreenBananaPorridge , I’ve looked the link that you posted and at the end it says “Brave iOS users who previously accumulated BAT via Brave Rewards will be able to transfer it to their Brave desktop browser in an upcoming release.”
As that article is from December I think that this function has been implemented correct?
Furthermore what’s this if not that function?

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Hey again @ThePeacemaker82 !

Please send your request information to @Mattches and he can help you!


I’m still getting the same error, even this far after… Anyone with a fix?

I’m having the same problem… has anyone had support or got a solution for this?

Please refer to the following thread: