Unable to Sync My wallet

My laptop is not syncing the brave rewards and it is saying limit reached but this is the second device because I removed my previous laptop and phone. So I don’t know why it is giving this error and I see a lot of people with the same problem on the brave community website. Please see attachment for the screenshot.

Hello @Radian1994 ,

I’m sorry for the confusion.

For now, the Rewards wallet have a lifetime connection, mean if you have connect your Rewards to Uphold account before, that old wallet/s will still be linked and counted towards the 4 wallets limit.

For now you can request to unlink your old wallet/s via How to submit a wallet unlinking request

I don’t understand your reply. I thought the purpose of the brave rewards 24 seed phrase was to restore your wallet and those your coins on a new device which is ultimately linking accounts as well. I removed previous devious and now I have less than 4 devices but it is not restoring my wallet with my coins. How do I solve this issue???

Hello @Radian1994 ,

I dont see “seed phrases” mentioned in your initial post. So based on the information provided and screenshot, the issue is you reached the maximum number of Rewards wallets that can be connected to the same custodian account.

This article describe the issue well https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360056508071-How-many-Brave-Rewards-wallets-can-be-linked-to-my-crypto-custodian-account- and thread I linked above is current way to remove old/unused device from the slot.

When you said seed phrases did you mean this one (see screenshot)?

Yes, and I removed devices, I have less than 4 and it’s still not working. I had about $50 in Bat and I can’t recover it. It,s not working.

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