Unable to successfully connect to wify network

everytime I lose connection I go to my wify and fill in password and then I get this message Bad Request - Request Too Long

HTTP Error 400. The size of the request headers is too long.

I have had to go to another browser to log in and restore a connection on it and then I can go back and use Brave.


Do you mean that you login to your routers wifi settings on your network (usually done by entering the router’s IP into the address bar)?

I am on a network and have to sign in to hook up to the wify. I cannot do this on BRAVE … I get an ERROR MESSAGE every single time…what I have been doing is opening my old Firefox browser clicking on the Linksys Smart Wi-Fy link and entering the information to get connected then I go back to Brave.

I select the network I want to connect to and then enter the password

But when I do this on BRAVE I get an ERROR MESSAGE as posted in my first message every single time.

This would depend on the network in which you’re attempting to login to. I assume this is a public network? Regardless, I’ll need more information to help you.

This network is all within a 2 BR apartment. In order for me to access the wi-fy network I have to enter a password which I can do with no issues when I am using Firefox but every time I attempt to when using Brave I get the previously described error message

  • What kind of operating system are you using?
  • Are you connecting through a VPN?
  • Any extensions installed? Especially any that may monitor or control network activity?
  • Have you tried to do this in Brave with Shields down?

This is why it’s important to follow the template/guidelines so that we can bypass boiler-plate support questions such as these.

Windows 10 and no VPN
I am not techy enough to know about extensions.
There is nothing I am aware of that controls network activity that would impact Brave and not google chrome, opera or firefox
I think I tried both ways when it first became an issue.
I only have to do re-connect when I get ‘kicked off’ the network which may happen several times in a 4 hour time period or not once in 24 hours. I tried once this morning & failed so I have been using Firefox until I just went to check messages

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