Unable to stream live video


You fixed the printing issue, but I’m still unable to stream live video, and the ‘full screen’ option doesn’t work on videos.



Please provide additional information: Brave and OS versions, steps to reproduce, example sites. Your Brave version can be found on about:brave page.

In the mean time, can you open Preferences > Security and scroll to the bottom? There should be a section called ‘Saved Site Permissions’. Did you perhaps previously ‘Deny’ access to the site you’re trying to view a full screen video? Here’s an example of what that would look like for YouTube.



Full screen is now working on all videos/all sites (updated Dell BIOS)
Brave 0.22.721
Win 7 Pro x64
sites such as Jim Bakker or InfoWars (no reproduction, just click live stream–nothing happens)

David Bass


…come to think about it, the live stream of local news probably doesn’t work, either.

David Bass


Any luck with this? I can’t live stream using adobe flash player, can’t download it at all, looked everywhere how to get it ‘on’. Dropped shields, checked preferences, I can’t find the issue. I can be ‘asked’ if I want to allow flash player to run,click allow, but nothing happens then. ‘didn’t load’. I’ll keep my eyes on this. Post if you get a solution please!


InfoWars never plays for me, along with a lot of other sites. I have a favorite site I go to where I can click live streaming tv before and now it acts like I need to download adobe. Inside Brave my tab is clicked to ‘on’ for flashplayer, but it’s not working now on sites where it worked before just a day ago. Hopefully this will clear up soon. Clicking the link to the approved adobe version for Brave opens to an unresponsive page. Not sure if that’s because I already have this version (but doesn’t work). A mystery.


…these problems started when I installed Brave (replacing Firefox).

David Bass


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