Unable to stop Bat ads and Bat ledger services,Built in extensions

I started using brave browser few days ago and found it was eating up a lot of ram,I thought to end the process in the built in TASK MANAGER but it relaunches it self within a few seconds.I disabled Bat ads and rewards. I found a thread in reddit telling me to remove brave_resources.pak from directory,and so I did and i am not able to view any pdf files.But it solved my problem of eating the ram.Is there any other way to disable it. @BraveSupporter @Mattches

Thank you for reaching out to us.
This is actually a known issue that has already been fixed:

The fix is already live in Brave Beta, and you should see it reflected in Brave stable in the next browser update).

Thank you for your response.I posted the same in GitHub and they help.Forgot to close it here…

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