Unable to signin in new email and also unable to signin in yoututbe

there are multiple bugs inmy brave browser

  1. Unable to signin in another gmail acount
  2. Unable to signin in youtube
  3. TO solve this issue I reseted brave browser now my BATS are missing

I received 5.99 Bats today as june payout in my uphold but my remaining BATS which were approx 2.3 something is missing after resetting my brave rewards

Kindly help

Hi @Lucifer24,
Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do if you reset your Rewards data.
Can you confirm if you’re still having issues with not being able to sign into accounts?

Also, please tell us:

  • Brave Version
  • Device OS

My issue for youtube sign in and Gmail sign in is been resolved but I lost my bats after resetting it
It happened all because of the sign-in issue I was facing

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