Unable to share VPN from Mac iOS to iPhone

I am unable to share VPN from Mac iOS to my iPhone.

I tried to follow the following steps provided:

  1. Launch Brave on mobile device
  2. Log in to and visit account.brave.com
  3. Swipe down and find Brave Firewall +VPN plan
  4. Tap on [Refresh VPN] button


There is no [Refresh VPN] button

Brave Version: 1.61.104 Chromium:
Mobile device: iPhone 13 Pro Max
iOS 17.1.2

@Flip4LALakerS I’ll get to answering, but want to point something out here:

Mac and iOS are two different operating systems. There is no such thing as Mac iOS. Mac is desktop/laptop and iOS is phone/tablet.

Perhaps not, but what is it you do see? For example, do you see the screenshots below?

Not activated, requiring to refresh

After refreshing, where it shows activated.

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