Unable to Set Up Publisher Verification on Wordpress


I have been trying to set up a Publisher Channel on a blog I administer, using the Brave Payments Verification plugin. Alas I have not had the best of luck.

Despite the brief and outdated documentation, I was able to piece together that I had to input the verification code in the plugin settings. But it doesn’t seem to have had any effect.

So what am I to do now?

(bumpety bumpety bump)

For the record I have tried removing the brave-ledger-verification=prefix to see if the code alone would work. It didn’t make any difference.

So our blog was eventually verified (2-3 workdays later) but seemingly without the /.well-known/brave-rewards-verification.txt file ever being generated.

Still not sure what went wrong with the WordPress plugin but at least my problem is solved :grinning:

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