Unable to send funds using Metamask connected to Grid Plus Lattice on Brave - spin, spin, spin hell

I can’t send SOME** funds (ERC-20) using Metamask connected to Grid Plus Lattice on Brave. I’m using a Macbook pro v12.3.1. I’ve disconnected the Lattice and reconnected it w/out a problem, restarted, etc. and still there’s a spinning wheel whenever I try to send.

I have problems every time I attempt to use this wallet on Brave. Very frustrating, especially these days. Can someone please help?

**Edited because I just discovered that of the three tokens I have in the wallet, I’m only able to send two. When I try to send the other one, the wheel just keeps spinning and spinning.

@Mattches and @steeven can you please help?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for reaching out. Would you mind sending a screenshot of exactly where you’re seeing the infinite spinning wheel?Also to be clear, are you using the MetaMask extension in Brave or are you using Brave Wallet itself? Additionally, can you please confirm what version of the browser you’re using?

I’m not super familiar with Lattice myself but I’ve reached out to a few of the wallet folks for additional input. Thank you for your patience.


Thanks for the response! I’m using the MM extension in Brave NOT the Brave Wallet. Brave Browser Version 1.38.111 Chromium: 101.0.4951.54 (Official Build) (x86_64). MetaMask v. 10.14.1

See screenshots. You can see I’m in the Lattice1 account. Everything looks good (even though I’m only showing you a portion of the page). When I try to send ETH, I’m prompted to input an address or choose from a whitelisted address, but when I try to send MKR, I get the spinning wheel that never stops.

I really hope you can help quickly. It’s frustrating that I can’t transact!

Thank you!

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Thank you for the information. Hope to hear back from wallet team soon.

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