Unable to select country unresolved

using version 1.48.167 chromium 110.0.5481.104 64bit
There is no country to select from the pull down window and the continue button is greyed out.

@saltybanana @chriscat please note this.

any possible answers yet or progress?

No. @SaltyBanana could you have a look?

Can you create a new Brave profile, then enable Rewards. Please let me know if you are able to verify with this new profile.

To create a new profile, visit the three lines in the top-right of your Brave browser and navigate down to the Create a New Profile option.

Thank you

yes, it looks like if a create a new profile it allows me to select a country. What’s next?

I haven’t been able to select a country for months. I am allowed to do so in a new profile, though.

hopefully we get a fix for our existing profiles unless there are no downsides to starting a new?

@Evan123 could you follow up here? Thanks so much!!!

haven’t seen a follow up yet?

Well. I’ll tag @Evan123 @SaltyBanana again to get some response here.

thank you for trying, it can be hard to get support on many sites these days

Hi @vark
Could you further elaborate the issue you are experiencing?
are you experiencing this issue on the latest version of Brave?
Feel free to share a screenshot or short clip to demonstrate the issue.

I’m using version 1.48.171


Here’s a screenshot of my main profile:


My brave is fully up-to-date, but think I figured out the issue? (for me at least.) I just opened another profile to see if I could still select a country in there, but now that prompt has been replaced by a message saying that rewards are no longer available in my region. I think my main profile is just a little bit stuck in country select even though it already knows where I’m from.

Hi @vark and @mucker

Thanks for the elaborating the issue you are experiencing.
Is your device language/regional settings set to a country that might not support Brave Rewards? We have seen a handful of reports of users who have their language settings set to Russia and showed the message that Brave Rewards is not available.

Do let me know if this is the case. If not we will need to explore further what might be the issue.

Will tag @chriscat and @Evan123 for extra eyes on this.

Just curious. Since this works in a new profile, could it be that extensions might be interfering somehow ? or perhaps the cache ?
Maybe try clearing cache and disabling extensions and check. Do do this at your own risk!

I’m willing to try anything but I don’t want to lose any critical information

i am not having the same problem on my laptop or android phone, only desktop.

The message you’re getting there is based off of your region and/or regional format of the operating system you’re using. DO you happen to have it for something like Russia or Russian? Example of this can be found in a little FAQ thing I wrote for people getting that error, which you can read at PSA: Current FAQ - #16 by Saoiray