Unable to save/output BAT

I have accumulated BAT, and now the service is turned off for some reason, while they demand to switch to one of the services, none of which works with our country. Couldn’t you have waited until service partners started working in all countries?

I suppose there is no way to withdraw BAT to a crypto wallet without connecting a partner?

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That is correct. As it’s a question that comes up often, I provided some details in an FAQ which I’ll link below:

Cool. Binance or Nicehash are available to us in Ukraine/Russia. That would be good.

Payer technical support response (NiceHash partners):

Ответ сотрудника Payeer:
Уважаемый пользователь,

С нашей стороны - не планируется сотрудничество.
Для вывода криптовалюты Brawe Rewards нужно подключить мерчант и API к Payeer, то есть инициатива и подключение должно происходить от Brawe Rewards. Можете обратиться к ним с таким запросом / предложением.

Brave has no partnership with those exchanges.
On top of it, western companies relations with Russia are banned for obvious reasons. Brave is no exception.

Saoiray, what status?

@programmeur No changes in status. I always put updates, if any, over at PSA: Unsupported Region

In that, I’ll advise if they are adding more support to countries or if there is a warning that needs to be given about sunsetting of vBAT occurring beforehand.

Also keep in mind that things like Binance or Nicehash are not places directly answered. Brave has said that it needs agreements between them and other companies. They are constantly reaching out to various companies around the world. But it can be a long process. Supposedly been trying to make contracts with others, but not been good news lately. Even once agreements are made, it takes time to build out everything and get systems in place.

Understood. There was a feeling that the payer support quote was ignored.

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@programmeur Keep in mind that your response from NiceHash said they weren’t planning to have any cooperation. I know they advised for you to have Brave contact them. But keep in mind there’s a bit of a difference there. The good answer would be something along the lines that they would like to participate. All this shows is “we’re not interested, but it could change if they contact us.”

That said, I’ll still make sure to ask some from Brave in regards to NiceHash to see if they can say anything.

Thanks you for answers

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