Unable to restore rewards by seed. Have linked to uphold, verified

Hey, I’m attempting to restore my BAT rewards, created in 2019. I had 234 BAT on my rewards. I’m now reading the seed isn’t supported anymore to restore? How can I get the BAT back then? There has to be a solution to this, when it’s clearly not the users fault if support for restoring the rewards has been removed.

I read some also saying I should link to uphold and verify before attempting to restore, but it did nothing.

Backup has been disabled a while ago (they were initially planning to add Rewards to Sync but ditched it to force people to link their browsers to an exchange) but restore should still be working. Once restored, you should link to Uphold/Gemini (depending on availability).

After pasting in the seed, also attempted to upload the file (on Windows 10), seemingly nothing happens. I guess it accepts it. But there is neither a confirmation it worked nor a disclaimer it didn’t. The BAT is not restored however.

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