Unable to resize browser window Win10


Just installed Brave on my Windows 10 system, first thing I notice is that it loads full screen (ick) I have a large monitor so this is not wanted, and almost blinding with the white background, so hit the button to make it a ‘window’ it shrunk very slightly and I’m not finding any of the edges to show the resizing arrows, I can’t even reach the bottom of the screen and it constantly wants to wander out of view or resize back to full screen window… Unfortunately this is pretty much a broken app for me until this is fixed, running multi machines with multi monitors real estate is important to me as our the screen edges since mouse will float across to a different screen


You could try turning off some of the Windows 10 ‘snap’ settings. They could be forcing full-screen when you don’t actually want that.

In the System Settings window, find and click Multitasking in the column on the left. Under the “Snap” category on the right, there are four options.


Snapping is good, using windows n the arrow keys, my issue is that resizing the window by finding the windows edge is difficult, feels like there is a 1 pixel range, and I can loose a fair amount of time trying to locate the boarder.


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