Unable to reorder tabs (Arch Linux KDE)

@Waisrond IMO, this issue might deserve a separate thread. There seem to be a lot of drag-and-drop related issues in chromium-based browsers right now. Since reordering tabs issue seemed to be upstream on the chromium project, it might be best to download that browser, test it there and report the bug in that project (so the bug actually gets fixed sooner).

The bug seems to be on its way to being fixed.

If anyone is desperate for a working browser in Linux, Chromium and google-chrome-dev both seem to have the tabs working again.

EDIT: Just tried the current dev version of chrome, 99.0.4818.0, and all drag-and-drop issues are fixed.

Other kinds of dragging are messed up as well: dragging a link or selected text (to paste it somewhere else) does nothing, trying to reorder bookmarks in brave://bookmarks/, etc.

The only kind of dragging that still works is reordering of bookmarks within a single menu folder on the bookmarks bar. All worked fine before the last update. [KDE Plasma 5.18.5, Kubuntu 20.04.3]

Thanks for pointing out this issue,
I also have been experiencing this for what feels like a week…

I truly hope Brave fix comes in quick!

Temporary workaround is to use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + PageUp/PageDown to reorder tabs. Unfortunately this does not move Tab Groups but it is better than nothing.

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Having same issues here on Opensuse Tumbleweed as reported before. Just installed the previous stable version of Brave Browser and all is fixed, got thru the Captcha and last months BAT are now in my acct