Unable To Rename an Image Before Downloading From Facebook


Subject line says it all, here … basically, I wanted to name an image I was trying to download from Facebook with a specific name, but when I tried to rename the file in the Save As window, I was unable to do so.

I ended up just accepting the name Facebook gave it, then changing it on the computer when I downloaded it.

This happened in version .18.36 of the Mac version.


Hi @gdwarner

Could you provide some additional details? How did you download the image? RIght-click and select Save Image? Another way?

Also, what happened when you tried to rename the file in the Save As window? Were you unable to change the name? Able to change the name but unable to click Save? Something else?



Hi, Lauren.

Well, you probably know how Facebook works. I clicked the image to make it bigger, then I Control-clicked it (I’m on a Mac), the File Navigation window opened as it’s supposed to, but I was unable to type anything where you’re supposed to type a name for the file in that window.

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