Unable to register in Uphold wallet, because they are not yet in country

Hello team,

please support me with the following issue. When I try to sign up my wallet and choose my country (Ukraine), I receive such a message:
"We’re not there yet!

Sorry, we’re not in your country yet. But check back regularly because we’re always expanding."

Please advise me, how I can register?

Thank you in advance!

OS Windows 10.
My browser wallet isn’t currently verified due to the issue described above
I am not using VPN

You should try Gemini wallet then…and before that check if Gemini is available in your country. And if even Gemini isn’t available too then don’t worry …keep using brave browser…when uphold will be available there at that point you can withdraw your tokens.

Thanks for reply. Unfortunately Gemini also unavailable. Your words sounds good, but who knows how often Uphold and Gemini review the list of countries in which they wish operate !?)

They do not operate in specific country’s most likely of law and regulations they cannot comply yet.
You cannot do anything here. Maybe some VPN and fake address would work but cannot guarantee that the account will be usable this way.

Thanks all of you for valued advises.

VPN won’t work…you have to provide ID for uphold or gemini wallet…I think you should keep using brave browser and keep collecting your rewards …and if anyday uphold or gemini operate in your country you can easily withdraw. And there is another option…if you have any friends overseas…there is a option.

Its sounds pretty good, worth considering)

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