Unable to reconnect to uphold wallet following Brave browser latest update

Hi, I have just updated Brave browser to v 1.25.68 (on Windows) and my Uphold wallet was disconnected. It was previously connected and verified.
I followed the process to reconnect: authorize button then login/password then MFA then email and finally clicked on the link in the email. That led me to uphold website using Brave being fully authenticated but the wallet is not reconnected. I tried 5 times and my wallet is still disconnected…
Could you please advise? thanks

Hey @biker007fr ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

How many other devices do you have connected to your Uphold account? Can you DM me your wallet ID?

Thank you,



here is the solution to your problem

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I have only 2 and 1 of them is only used once or twice a month

Thanks a lot! Will do!

I have a similar problem. I have a verified wallet, updated brave, and now it’s in a never ending circle to authorize the wallet. I only have 2 installations tied to that wallet. The install that is having the issue, this would actually be the first month that completes the entire cycle, so not sure what’s going on. The other one hasn’t had an issue at all.

Just for clarity, I click on the verify button to login, go through the authorization dialog, user/pass/2FA, get the email, and when I click the link, it opens another tab (expected), but the authorization tab simply stays on that last step asking to click on the link in the email or to resend.

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