Unable to receive the login email to my icloud account email?

I am new to the community so my apologies if this is wrong area for the question. I subscribed to Brave premium service for the VPN and set things up under my icloud account email. Specifically an icloud email like “example@me.com” I was able to setup no problem and things were great for a couple of days. However, now as of today I am unable to login my account because when I enter in my email at the (account.brave.com) screen to receive the login link, it never sends it or I don’t receive it? I have tried multiple times today, I have ensured to check my Spam and trash folders, and everything in icloud but I am not receiving it? How can I go about resolving this issue? My concern is that If I can’t receive the email login link tied to my subscription brave account how can I cancel or change my plan? I appreciate any assistance. Thank you.

Tech Details if you need them
Brave browser version 1.51.118
I’m using a M1 pro macbook
and iphone 12 pro

@315 Do a favor and try to create a support ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360003078831 so those at Brave can try to look into it. This will also provide the extra details they’ll need. Keep in mind that things like an invoice number aren’t necessary if you don’t have it.

I believe you should receive a ticket number that will be sent to your email you provide. IF so, do respond to advise what that ticket number is so if Support sees this topic, they can try to look it up.

SUCCESS! I submitted a help request as you advised. Then I attempted to login again and received the email it is now working. Thank you Brave internet team :slight_smile:

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