Unable to receive BAT payout on de-googled Android

Apparently, one has to pass the Safetynet Test, which requires Google Play Services. Are there any plans to make this system compatible with de-googled phones?

Is there any known workaround?

Nope, not to my knowledge.

Negative. This is a fraud protection in why it’s done. So no workarounds or exceptions.

Thanks. Disappointing, but understandable.

Yeah, it’s been a pain for many. For desktops, it doesn’t allow virtual machines typically. Then on mobile devices, no custom ROM (and I think rooted devices). Otherwise it gives people free control to try to modify info and makes fraud a heck of a lot easier. But with a lot of people going that way to help with privacy, I’m sure there may be things Brave will be working on or changing in the future. For now though, just SOL in those situations.

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