"Unable to read transactions from Uphold account"

I’m a new user of Brave, and Brave Creator. I’ve signed up (and verified) both a Gemini and Uphold wallet via the links on the Creators dashboard, but when I click the “View statements” link, I get the following:

Nothing happens when I “Click here to re-authorize with Uphold” (if I copy-paste the link and try in a new window I get an HTTP 406 error)

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Also, my website caption.me is verified but I see the following warning about “not having configured my account to receive contributions”


I have set up the wallets, so I’m a bit confused as to what’s missing here.

I just disconnected my Gemini account and connected my Uphold account. This seems to have got rid of the warning in my Creator dashboard.

I’ll keep checking back on my website to see if the “not yet configured their account” warning goes away…

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