Unable to re-verify wallet

Thank you for your attention to this, and for the updates you’ve provided here.

If we are experiencing this issue, are we required to open a ticket to get a “case ID” as others have shared above, or is it something that we should be able to resolve on our own once the tool you mention is published?

It will be much easier/faster to track everyone here if you have a case number you can provide – plus the additional logs can help devs understand and subsequently fix issues like this in the future.


Hello @Mattches Here is my case number for the wallet limit problem I am having. Thank you!


Here’s my case number: f81dd026-30f3-4b42-9692-fba9732268ac Thank you

I have the same issue for a month. I tried many times so It’s nothing.

Here is my case number : d8b68fa9-fee0-40cd-9c6e-08252b5c2541
I hope il will help. Thanks.

I can’t even create a case, because I reset the wallet during re-verification it and on Uphold I can enter, but I can’t add it again in Brave.

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Hi, same issue here. My waller was verified in my device, now it is not and I am not able to verify it again.

Case # 2f03b6c0-3c51-40ea-8429

How do you get a case ID?

I (think I) raised a zendesk ticket 5 days ago but have heard nothing back yet apart from the confrimation email of receipt (and now my android wallet is unverified too but I did miraculously get my rewards paid … well I was missing 1 BAT from what they said was coming, which is better than the previous month where I was missing 4 BAT …)

Follow these steps to get a case ID.

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Case ID:

Thank you

Case ID: 36481e14-544c-434a-8739-5e0551c45b42


That was 11 days ago. Have you begun “going through case by case”?
My case is f0c99fe4-8583-488f-afcb-fd04e0fb5be6, submitted 9/11/21.

I saw there is ticket 18572 but I believe that is a different thing-- for users to self-manage slots.


Case Id: 936b2661-09fc-4a4b-84e7-3e38ebdcc647


Case id d1b050d7-bee0-42a8-b352-a2b52b804cf6

here is my case number: f371f823-2c93-48ec-80a6-556e8dc94576

Here’s my case number:


Thanks for helping.

Here is my case number: 92d68a47-bcdb-4aca-a06f-e7cd3d963924