Unable to re-verify wallet

I have the same problem, but my messages that I have several devices linked and I have only reinstalled the browser on the pc.

and they only ask me questions and questions, I already have more than a month that they do not solve

I tried with Gemini, and Uphold same issue. I also tried shutting rewards off and toggling back on and now it won’t turn on again.


Just leaving this here

I wanted to note I am on Windows 10 and my main profile/sign in user account does not work. This evening I created a dummy Windows user account and it seemed to work fine. Not sure how to fix it…

I’m also face same problem
Here is my case number. 8d025c7c-3704-4a3c-a7b5-9ee2f6ab9e6f

Is there any update on this?

Is there any news please ?

9e8aafbe-e294-48f3-aa83-f91e1921d0aa hope this helps

Well so when we gonna get some news bout our issue?

@Mattches @steeven

Are there any updates, we are reaching a time for payout and your product is not working as you said it will

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I’m also having a similar issue with PC (android working fine). My wallet disconnected. When I log in to uphold and reauthorise it I am now unable to verify from Brave. The browser does not crash, but the wallet remains unverified. I should not have exceeded any device limit, having only 2

Got unverified suddenly… Hope you can help me, i cant re-verify my wallet and i did not initiate a disconnect.
Case ID

Update here:
The majority of users here are seeing this issue due to hitting the wallet linking limit. We have just implemented a new tool for support to handle unlinking wallets from custodial accounts directly and should have this tooling available in the next few days.

We will be reaching out to users here once it is ready and freeing up slots to re-link your wallet. Any users here who are seeing this for reasons other than the wallet unlinking limit will be addressed and handled separately and directly.

We appreciate everyone’s patience here and understanding here.


Sorry @Mattches but I dont think what you said is true. When you go up you will see that there is 5% of people with problem of devices number limit. All others have problem with linking not with the device limit. Also a thing which is going with this what I said is that video screen on discord about this problem. It is not showing device limit problem but it is showing problem with linking wallet.

For me is problem with linking and I would please you not to go with easier solution as tool for unlinking devices linked with brave. Instead go with problem solving for linking wallet for all users because when users solve limit problem they will have same problem with linking.

We are waiting for a month almost and in my case I was collecting all year BATs and know your product is not working.


Right – many users are reporting that they were verified with Uphold, then their wallet suddenly became Disconnected. This was due to a bug where, before v1.29x, the user’s Rewards wallet showed Verified, when it actually was not verified because they had already reached the linking limit.

After updating to v1.29x, users in that state were moved back into the proper state – that is, Not verified (because technically they never were). Upon trying to re-connect, they’re unable to and are met with the Wallet linking limit message because, again, they technically had already hit that limit prior.

So, now that we have this tool, we can go through case by case (more on this soon) with users and get everyone’s wallet properly linked.


For me, I am pretty sure this isn’t a limit issue. But let’s see.

When I do try to reconnect my wallet I see errors in the logs (and I have just disabled my antivirus in case that was interfering - no change)

[02 Oct 2021, 1:53:46.0 pm:ERROR:post_claim_uphold.cc(123)] Forbidden
[03 Oct 2021, 9:05:41.5 am:ERROR:post_claim_uphold.cc(123)] Forbidden
[03 Oct 2021, 9:05:54.1 am:ERROR:post_claim_uphold.cc(123)] Forbidden
[03 Oct 2021, 9:06:28.4 am:ERROR:post_claim_uphold.cc(123)] Forbidden
[03 Oct 2021, 9:06:40.4 am:ERROR:post_claim_uphold.cc(123)] Forbidden

[03 Oct 2021, 9:19:01.2 am:ERROR:post_claim_uphold.cc(123)] Forbidden
[03 Oct 2021, 9:22:08.6 am:ERROR:post_claim_uphold.cc(143)] Unexpected HTTP status: -1
[03 Oct 2021, 9:23:07.2 am:ERROR:uphold_authorization.cc(38)] Attempting to re-authorize in PENDING status!
[03 Oct 2021, 9:23:08.2 am:ERROR:post_claim_uphold.cc(123)] Forbidden
[03 Oct 2021, 9:23:23.8 am:ERROR:post_claim_uphold.cc(123)] Forbidden

Mostly it’s the ‘forbidden’ error. Problem seems to have started on 28th

[28 Sept 2021, 10:54:08.2 am:ERROR:get_available.cc(69)] Unexpected HTTP status: -1
[28 Sept 2021, 10:54:08.2 am:ERROR:get_card.cc(44)] Unexpected HTTP status: -1
[28 Sept 2021, 10:54:08.2 am:ERROR:uphold.cc(152)] Couldn’t get balance
[28 Sept 2021, 10:54:08.2 am:ERROR:wallet_balance.cc(150)] Can’t get uphold balance

[28 Sept 2021, 4:48:08.3 pm:ERROR:publisher.cc(774)] Publisher info not found
[29 Sept 2021, 8:58:24.8 am:ERROR:get_card.cc(39)] Unauthorized access HTTP status: 401
[29 Sept 2021, 8:58:24.8 am:ERROR:uphold.cc(146)] Expired token
[29 Sept 2021, 8:58:24.8 am:ERROR:wallet_balance.cc(150)] Can’t get uphold balance

^^ For this I did have to re-authorise brave with uphold - and that seemed to work OK. I can now log into uphold and see that Brave is connected.

Amazing. I cant wait!

@Mattches Do You already know where that tool gonna be? On Rewards site,settings or somewhere else that we can easily find it?

My wallet is also connected when I go to uphold account but it is not connected on brave so its not possible to send BAT to you uphold wallet.

You will not able to send BAT to uphold neither it will be transfered automaticaly until you see in reward setting that your wallet is verified and connected.

I share the same opinion with you that this is not limit issue and that they are going with easier way to give it tool for limit problem but it will not solve a real problem with connectivity

We are working hard to resolve this issue, whether it be the wallet limit issue (which, again, the vast majority of you do fall under) or some other wallet connectivity issue.

Rewards issues are often very complex and hard to tease apart. We do appreciate your patience.