Unable to re-verify wallet

the wallet itself seems to crash

Unable to verify my Uphold wallet on Brave mobile browser.

The verify wallet link still crashes every time it is clicked. My Uphold app is up-to-date.

This has been a persistent issue for many months. I have always kept the latest app version installed. I can also provide screen shots and internal logs if required.

Brave 1.29.78
Chromium 93.0.4577.63

@Mattches is there any update about this?

Here’s my case number:

Thank You.

It appears that just about everyone’s issue here is reaching the device limit per custodial account. The good news is that we are working on getting tooling worked out for users to unlink a device from their verified account so they may add another.

We should have more information on this very soon. Thank you all for your patience.


Same for my on PC. 6145ab6d-1cab-42e5-a65d-b56c17ea7ff3

Not for me. I have just 2 devices linked to uphold but still it is crashing when I want to verify wallet


I am new here so forgive if posting in the wrong channel; however, this is similar to what I have going on. I am just unable to verify my wallet in the primary browser. I am connected to Uphold account on my laptop and mobile; however, my primary desktop keeps giving the same “brave error Your request is still being processed, please wait. Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again” for days now. I see people posting ticket support numbers . … not sure how do to that. I did take the verbose logging while attempting to connect browser to wallet. Do I upload that here?

Ok gave it a go. Here is my case number - ab6dc9a7-555e-4e36-81a4-e858295f44de


And here is my brick in this case.
No. 8f9e602d-d798-4ea0-9c54-a55d2d4fdedb

@Mattches, many people are reporting that they have devices (in some cases their original devices for Brave/Uphold) that have become UNlinked from Uphold, and they now cannot relink them because Uphold is seeing them as new devices.

We are very aware of this issue and working on solutions presently.

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Great, thanks! Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any misunderstanding of the issue.

ready thanks, this is my assigned number 035311b6-8a39-4144-85d5-c49d04a311bc

Thank you, finally some info about this!

do u want event logs or just logs because my logs are blank,also where do i find REWARDS DB

My case number: 18668a92-64cb-475c-9dae-1ca135a9d340. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Aye, where did you pull your case number from?


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From https://upload-support.brave.com/rewards

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