Unable to re-verify wallet

@Soleb and anyone else looking to complete these steps – I do apologize again but I left out one important step: after enabling Verbose logging, you’ll need to first try to verify w/Uphold again. This way, whatever error is occurring will show up in the logs.

@Soleb you’ll have to resubmit your logs as you just did after performing the additional above step.

I do apologize again for the run-around.

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Ok so once I enable verbose logging I have to try to verify before or after relaunch? @Mattches

@Soleb / everybody,
Yeah so new steps will look like this:

  1. Open Brave on your phone and go to brave://flags
  2. Search for Verbose logging and you should see Enable Brave Rewards verbose logging flag.
  3. Set this flag to Enabled and relaunch the browser when prompted.
  4. Try again to verify your wallet with Uphold – go through all the steps until you reach the beginning of the “loop”. Once it fails, move to step five below.
  5. Go to brave://rewards-internals and tap on the Logs tab.
  6. Tap the Download full log button and save the file to your device.
  7. Go to https://upload-support.brave.com/rewards, fill out the form and upload the logs file you just retrieved.
  8. Once complete, please reply here with the case number you are given after completing the form.

Here’s my case number:

Thanks for helping.

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Here’s mi number:


thank you @Mattches

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Here’s my case number:


Thanks for helping. @Mattches

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You could give this a try. I wrote this solution up to a similar issue a few months ago, and it seems to have helped a few people.

@JakeFiveSixty @MarkLight @pavlidistheo @TBH @tcuencs @Pratheek @Soleb @Jameshelio

Here is my case number:

Thanks for the help @Mattches

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@Plink82 I have tried this method, still doesn’t work for me…

Also below my case number. Thanks @Mattches


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Hi! @Mattches Here is my case number for the same issue. 08022803-c106-49ad-a083-c80646ebfa8f

Kindly do the needful.
Thank You.

Hi! Didn’t you just try to send an email to Brave support telling you about the problem?

case number… ID de pago de la cartera: 2a7c6329-ec2a-47da-a1a0-b137fe129285

My browser wallet is currently not verified, but it was, many times. Too

I am also facing the same problem after verifying the wallet it shows again verify in rewards page .so, i tried again this time it shows my account with log out option!!
and also shows account limit reached brave have limit of 4 devices but i have used in 3 devices only.image|690x334

My case number: 3811c424-e0d6-4091-826d-b0ef00c0534c
pls resolve this issue

Hi @Mattches my case number is c60f7a36-3c9f-4a92-b692-d8ded466ab6b Thank you for your help !

Here’s my case number - 692b3e8d-f3a4-41c9-9757-8426d950163c
Plse fix this issue soon @Mattches

My case number:

Thank you everyone – will be collecting and discussing this information with the team shortly. Appreciate your patience.


Here’s my case number: