Unable to Open Reddit.com URLs in Private Tabs

Description of the issue: As of today (8/25/2023), Reddit URLs (any URL beginning in https://reddit.com from what I can tell) will fail to load in Brave Private windows. I can load them in regular tabs with no issue, but Brave Private Tabs and Private with TOR Tabs cannot load Reddit. I have reproduced this across multiple computers on my network, so it is not just an issue with a single installation. I have tried cleaning the cache to no avail. Note that this issue only occurs when Brave Shield is enabled for reddit.com; I have found that disabling the Shield will allow Reddit to load normally in Private mode, and reenabling Shield will cause it to fail to load once again.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

  1. Open a private tab with CTRL+SHIFT+N.
  2. Paste in a Reddit URL (such as https://www.reddit.com)
  3. Press enter

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!): The tab will fail to load: it will go into a refresh loop in which the tab attempts to refresh the URL several times per second. Apparently, this will even change the focus to the broken private window away from other Brave tabs, as I found that I kept losing focus on the New Topic edit box for this forum while I had one of the glitchy private tabs open in another window.

(I am not refreshing the page in the GIF; the flashing is from the buggy behavior)

Expected result: The tab to load properly.

Reproduces how often: So far, once my browser started exhibiting this behavior, it does so every time (although one of my browsers was fine before a restart – it possibly had not updated before then). Again, this issue only occurs when Shield is enabled for Reddit.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): Windows 10, Brave v1.57.53 – the latest official build from August 23rd, 2023

Additional Information: Navigating to a different page in the broken tab seems to stop the glitchy behavior, but any attempt to go back to Reddit will fail.


Having the exact same issue, but mine is also causing excessive CPU and Memory usage. This is really strange

Actually, it’s probably the same exact issue then. I checked Task Manager, and 5 of my CPU’s processors become maxed out as soon as I try to load a Reddit page in a Private Tab, but their utilization drops back to near zero as soon as I close the page. I didn’t notice initially because my computer has more than 4 cores, but if you’re using a 4-core processor, it may be maxing out all 4 of your cores.

Interesting, I can replicate it. WIll need to look into it.

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Yup, I’m on a Ryzen 3 3200g. Thus, it’s making all 4 cores very unhappy.

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