Unable to open PDF?

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Unable to open and view downloaded PDF file in Brave:

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version(1.14.3`):

IOS 13/Iphone 7

Additional Information:

Does Brave allow you to view pdf?

Yes, if you have a PDF file on your computer. You can right click --> open with, and then select Brave.
For mobile, you should be able to view the pdf just by selecting the file/link while in Brave.
How are you trying to view the PDF?

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On iOS, it downloads the pdf file and when I got to open it, it moves it to downloads - then shows this:

Are you referring to the Files app on the iPhone?

Have you tried this process with other browsers?

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No, download section on brave browser. See attached photo above of what happens when I open it on brave.

Can you go to this site, download the test PDF and try to open it within Brave iOS. Let me know if the file/contents is visible.


This is an issue with Android as well. Brave 1.5.8 on Android 10.

The sample pdf worked on brave and I can view it fine. The original one I tried to download was not working, it was a bill statement.

If the sample pdf worked and the bill statement didn’t. It may be an issue with the site the gave you the PDF, i.e. they gave you a blank pdf. Can you try to view the same PDF from that site on a different device. e.g. laptop?

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