Unable to navigate inside a folder and pointer (greater than icon) is missing for the last few bookmarks in the toolbar



I’m using Brave version 0.22.669 on macOS High Sierra version 10.13.4.

I have imported a number of bookmarks from Chrome and placed the folders in the Brave toolbar. As expected, the folders have drop down triangles so that I can list their contents. Usually, when these top folders contain folders themselves, they have a “>” to the far right of the line and selecting a folder will display its contents, as shown in the screenshot below:

However, when I look into the last 2 folders to the far right of the toolbar (i.e. ‘Web Tools’ and ‘Other Bookmarks’ in my case), I am unable to view the contents of any of the folders and they’re all missing the “>” icon at the end of the line, as can be seen in the screenshot below: (‘Bookmarklets’ all the way down to ‘Who Is’ are folders and not hyperlinks)

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