Unable to login to Windscribe VPN extension

Windscribe VPN extension installed ok but refuses to login with valid credentials. It says “An unknown error occurred. Are you connected to the internet?”. Same extension works fine in other browsers.

Just checked Windscribe on my machine and logged in no problem. What OS are you using? I am on linux KDE Neon.


Installed it on my laptop, Windows OS. Servers almost all down, US server is on but cannot connect. I restarted Brave but I couldn’t login to Windscribe!
I prefer to use ‘Touch VPN’ extension, it is very widely used and quick.

Windows OS. Same extension works fine in other browsers. This fails to login at all - way before choosing which location.

I was on Windows 11 till a few months ago when I moved to linux and it worked for me no problems.

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