Unable to login to Amazon.com with 2FA enabled


I use Amazon.com with 2 factor authentication. When logging in, the 2FA screen only displays the Amazon logo and no other content. It is blocking me from logging in with the Brave browser.


Hi @ddm,

I couldn’t reproduce the issue you were having. I logged into my amazon.com account which has 2FA enabled and placed a purchase without any issues. I also tried enabling different aspects of the Brave Shield but still couldn’t reproduce:

  • enabled Block Scripts and could still login using 2FA
  • enabled Fingerprinting Protection and could still login using 2FA

Could you provide us with a bit more information?

  • Which OS are you currently running?
  • Which version of Brave you currently using? (type in about:brave into the URL bar)
  • How are your Brave Shields configured? Example, did you enabled Fingerprinting Protection?

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