Unable to log in to website using "Log In with Google" option



I’m unable to log into Alltrails.com using the “Log in with Google” option in my Brave Browser. Gif below:

Operating system and version: macOS HigH Sierra, Version 10.13.6, MacBook Air (13-inch, 2017)
Brave version: 0.23.39

This might be happening on other websites with the “Log in with Google” option. Note that logging in with Facebook works (though the new window that opens up is laggy)



Hi @cw41039481234! So many numbers in you name!
To solve this, you need to allow the Alltrails website to use cookies in order to authenticate:

  • Visit Alltrails.com
  • Click the lion icon in the top right to open your Shields panel
  • Under “Cookie Control”, select “Allow All Cookies”
  • Enjoy your website!

Hope this helps!



This is super helpful. Thanks!


My pleasure.
Thank you for supporting Brave!