Unable to log in to healthcare.gov with Brave browser (macOS)

Hello, I am unable to log in to my healthcare.gov account.

Using my username/pword credentials in Safari, however, I am able to log in.

Does anyone know what I can do to maintain Brave security and log in to this U.S. government service?

FWIW, per this similar topic I tried making a new profile in Brave, but got the same error :confused:


bump - anyone have any ideas on why healthcare.gov isn’t playing nicely with Brave?

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Can you confirm whether or not you are able to login if Brave’s Shields are off? I know that you want to maintain security but checking this will help narrow down whether or not Shields/Brave’s protections are causing the issue or if something else is at play here.

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I’m able to login to HealthCare.gov on my Mac. Have you tried disabling any extensions or tried it in incognito mode?

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So it does work with shields up @kevinw ?

My bad, prolly shoulda tested that first!

Yes, I am able to login in successfully when disabling Brave’s Shields.

Likely plugins?


Thanks for the suggestions!

Indeed it does work using the incognito mode - I’m able to log in to my healthcare gov acct, and didn’t change anything with the plugins.

cc: @Mattches

Testing in normal mode, with shields up (disable any extensions) does it work?

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