Unable to link verified wallet on Android

Whenever I tap the link to login with my verified Uphold wallet, I’m stuck in a login loop, where it asks me to Authorize Brave, then it sends a link to my email to login with my device, then it opens my Uphold wallet, but Brave still asks me to link a verified wallet.

No such issue on Desktop, where I can link my verified Uphold wallet just fine.
I also disabled the brave shields for uphold.com and wallet.uphold.com, still facing the same issue on Android.

I tried 4 hours later to repeat the same process and it seems to work fine now.
If uphold asks to verify the login location, you have to wait a few hours so that it “remembers” the new login location, it won’t work immediately for some reason.

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OMG That worked dude. I was trying all the things from yesterday… It finally worked.

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