Unable to link Brave Wallet to uphold

Hey there,

I am using Brave for several month now and earned some BAT.
I wanted to verify my wallet now and have done so by clicking the “verify” link in my brave browser wallet. After that I have gone through the kyc process and am verified now within Uphold. However, my uphold account does not seem to be linked to my browser. If I open my Browser wallet there is still the “verify” button, which, after another click, just leads me to my uphold Account.

Uphold service just states, that my e-mail adress isn’t linked to any browser, but I do not find where to link my E-mail adress to my Brave Browser?

Thanks in advance!

What is your Brave version and OS?

Hey and thanks for the answer. OS is windows 10 running latest updates. Brave Version 1.2.42 (latest update afaik)

I talked to the uphold support and they told me that my brave wallet is connected to another e-mail adress as my uphold account and in order to work I have to use the same e-mail adress in both accounts. Problem is I cannot find anywhere where I could change which e-mail adress my brave browser wallet is linked to?! I tried to restore my wallet with the seed words and verify again with no luck.

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