Unable to join Rewards and create new wallet on restored phone

Hi, my phone recently bricked itself with self-inflicted storage issues, so I had to system restore it/wipe it clean. I realize that the BAT I had on my mobile browser are gone for good, so I’m not even questioning that or trying to recover them. However, I would like to create a new wallet with Brave on my recently wiped-clean phone. However, here’s the issue:

  1. I open the Brave browser on the newly wiped phone
  2. I hit “Join Rewards”
  3. I receive the message “Error: Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again”

No matter what I do, I’m unable to proceed any further. How can I join and create a new wallet?

Brave Version: 1.20

Device: iPhone X running iOS 14.2

Additional Information:

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I have the same issue. Just trying to set it up for the first time and I get the same error.

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