Unable to interact with in-page elements from LastPass


OS: Win10 x64 Pro/Education
Brave Version: 0.22.22 (AFAIK)

Whenever any Last Pass element appears on the page, be it a connection error, or a box to update/save a website login, I cannot interact with those elements. When I double click, a blue border appears around the element, but I still am uniable to do anything with the element.

I have issue with this, because getting rid of those elements requires me closing the tab and loading the website again, hoping that I wasn’t looking to cancel/revert/modify an automatic action (LastPass for example, has a habit of saving first, and giving you the opportunity to cancel that once the data is saved)


I too am having issues with LastPass after the latest update. It doesn’t work at all.


Ok, just figured out the root cause, I think.

Brave Browser is not allowing interaction with iframes.

A local public transport provider uses an external service for A-to-B route lookup, they embed it in their site through an iframe, and I cannot interact with anything inside the iframe.


Ok, so, my issue had something to do with the sandboxing feature of the browser. When I disabled it, I could interact with iframes (not sure about LastPass plugin yet).

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