Unable to install Brave under Windows 10 [Creators Update]


On attempting to install the program [x64 version], I was greeted by the following error message:

‘The application was unable to start correctly …’

The only system-type change I’ve made recently was to install Bitdefender as a supplement - not a replacement - to Windows Defender. Both these programs are running smoothly, it would seem.


I dont use a external protection, just Windows, and it is able to install BUT, it now crashes with the latest update. I’m forced to use FireFox as I type.
Even when it was “working” before this latest update, it would freeze and work intermitently. So it has issues thus far with Win10Pro.


Hi Phil,

Thanks for this info but my problem has just been solved. I uninstalled
Bitdefender and was then able to install the previously rejected
program. So I’ll now try to rely on Windows Defender.

Michael Harding

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