Unable to install Brave on Windows 7 64


I followed a closed threat on the same topic but it did not address a failed initial install. I get an Installation error: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘C:\Users\herby325\AppData\Local \Brave\Update.exe’ is denied.

Could this have anything to do with a system security set-up? I’m running Avast Premium and Malwarebytes Premium. Thanks for your help.


Out of topic, I would thoroughly suggest not to run two Real Time Protection simultaneously. Not only the security solutions would clash with each other, but also you will have a huge impact on resources & in fact reduce the chances of malware detection.

Read here more in details : http://www.security-faqs.com/why-shouldnt-i-install-more-than-one-antivirus-program-at-a-time.html

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