Unable to import Crypto Wallet to the new Brave Wallet

Description of the issue:

Are you using the (new) Brave Wallet or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation? Not yet. This is exactly where the issue resides. I wanter to import the old Crypto Wallet to the new Brave Wallet, but the Import button doesn’t do anything.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. First, I already had a wallet in Brave
  2. Click on the wallet icon at the top right of the browser. This menue appears:
  3. image
  4. Click on the Learn More button which opens a new tab with this content:
  5. Optionally, Press F12 to open de developer tools to see what is going on
  6. Click on Get Started button, which brings this page:
  7. Enter the password of the Crypto Wallet
  8. Enter a new password
  9. Confirm the new password
  10. Click on the Import button and nothing happens. In the console log, the following message appears:

brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) Error
at r.internal.interfaceSupport.InterfaceRemoteBase.cleanupAndFlushPendingResponses_ (brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:1:37399)
at r.internal.interfaceSupport.InterfaceRemoteBase.onError (brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:1:37153)
at r.internal.interfaceSupport.Endpoint.onError (brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:1:32043)
at r.internal.interfaceSupport.Router.onError_ (brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:1:29629)
at r.internal.interfaceSupport.HandleReader.read_ (brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:1:41685)
cleanupAndFlushPendingResponses_ @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:1
onError @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:1
onError @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:1
onError_ @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:1
read_ @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:1
await in read_ (async)
(anonymous) @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:6118
(anonymous) @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:6118
(anonymous) @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:6118
(anonymous) @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:6978
(anonymous) @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:6978
a @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
f @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
(anonymous) @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
m @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
ot @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
it @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
at @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
ft @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
P @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
G @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
_t @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
Xt @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
t.unstable_runWithPriority @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5897
Li @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
O @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889
Kt @ brave_wallet_page.bundle.js:5889

Brave Version (check About Brave):

Version 1.40.107 Chromium: 103.0.5060.53 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Additional Information:

OS Version: macOS Catalina v10.15.7 (19H1922)


Take a look - for hints / possible help - among the replies at:

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Hey @velum,

Thank you for reporting!

Alternatively you can export your seed phrase from your Crypto Wallets account and import it into the Brave Wallet by clicking the Restore button on the first welcome screen.

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