Unable to get to Blogger;www.kettlebellladyfitness.com

Hi, How can this error be fixed so the Blog will show up in the search engines. Google said the link & all was approved & working. What is the next step? Thank you. Leanne
Blogger -Brave needs to check fire wall.

@Leanne Thanks for reporting. Could you let us know on which brave version and platform are you seeing this issue?

I just tried to reproduce the issue on Latest released version 0.60.45 on Windows 10 x64 machine. I was unable to reproduce the issue. I am getting the page display as expected.


Hi, I appreciate you help. That is the old web site that shouldn’t be showing up any longer. I updated Brave just the other day when I received a notice. Where can I find on Brave what version I have?

Version 1.24.82 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)
updated May 5, 2021, I just typed kettlebelllady.com into Duck Duck Go but, the old website still came up. Is the only way the website now going to show up is if Google Chrome is used which may means the issue is with Kajabi not being set-up for other search engines ? As I mentioned in a previous message a Web Master not only built my new website but, worked between GoDaddy & Kajabi to get through all the glitches. What is the next step contact Kajabi Tech Support? Thanks for your assistance Leanne