Unable to find Uphold member ID?

I followed the instructions (Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches) to find the uphold member ID but I cannot find the first step

Log into Uphold and click the More option on the left-hand side, then select Switch to classic view

I do not see “switch to classic view”

So, when I look at the dev tools, I do not see the “me” resource under the network tab

I got a new phone so I would like to replace my old phone (I’m capped on device limit) on my linked uphold accounts on brave so any help would be appreciated thanks.

When you submit your wallet request on the form, include this thread in the description and state that you’re unable to access “classic view” on your Uphold account, and provide the email you use to login to your Uphold account and we will help get you squared away.

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