Unable to find Ecosia search engine

I’ve heard that Ecosia is an available search engine for Brave but I’m unable to find it as an option. When I tried to find an answer on the Mobile Support forum all I was able to find was a post from 2019 that had a method that does not seem to work anymore. Am I not seeing something or is Ecosia not available as a search engine?

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Does this work?:

Pretty sure that’s on Android not iOS. There’s no “recently visited” that I can find.

This doesn’t strike me as one of the things that would be different on iOS. Just try going to Ecosia, perform a search for something, then check Brave menu > Settings > Standard tab (under "Search engine").

There’s no recently visited.

@Nukey6 this feature is not available for iOS yet. A logged request here https://github.com/brave/brave-ios/issues/936

So is there no way to have Ecosia as a search engine on iOS?

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